About Us

What sets Stone Age Granite apart from the competition? What makes our company your first and best choice in Lethbridge for exquisite, high-performing bathroom and kitchen countertops?

We believe it comes down to four essential areas: our team, our products, our process and our satisfied customers. We invite you to spend a few minutes learning about Stone Age Granite.


What’s best for your home?

At Stone Age Granite, we make granite, quartz, quartzite and marble countertops for kitchens and bathrooms. Which of these materials is best for the countertops in yourhome? Each material has its own properties that make it appropriate for various applications. Beyond that, it’s a matter of personal style. Visit our showroom to see and feel the difference and get the advice of our experienced staff.


Stone Age Granite showroom and production facility

After carefully measuring your home’s surfaces, we create a computerized template of your layout, so we can match up seams precisely and make your granite, marble, quartz or quartzite countertops look great!

We then use state-of-the-art “Breton” Italian-made cutting machines to precisely cut each slab to guarantee a perfect fit.

As part of our installations service, we can remove your existing countertops if necessary, and then make your new Stone Age Granite home look fantastic. Our team is there to answer any questions you might have from the time you first contact us until the job is completed.